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CA. Ranjeet Kumar Agarwal
Chairman, CMI&B of ICAI

CA. Ranjeet Kumar Agarwal

A Practicing Chartered Accountant since last 20 years

A Company Secretary & DISA from ICAI

Past Achievements:

EIRC got the Best Regional Council Award under his Chairmanship OF EIRC in the year 2013-14.

Central Council:

1. Elected to the 23rd, 24th & 25th Central Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India 3 times in a row!

2. As a Chairman of the Professional Development Committee of ICAI, implemented Bank Branch Audit Software.

3. Conceptualised and implemented UDIN as Chairman of PDC, a landmark reform of ICAI

4. Presently Convenor of Group constituted to implement UDIN concept in all SAARC Countries (Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan & Maldives)

5. As Chairman of the Ethical Standard Board of ICAI in 2019, revised the Code of Ethics after a gap of 10 years.

6. Currently Chairman of Committee for Members in Industry and Business & Tax Audit Quality Review Board of ICAI

A regular speaker on the topics Code of Ethics, Professional Opportunities, Students Motivation Sessions and socially equally active with Lions Club, Barabazar Library, JCI, Friends of Tribal Societies, Awantika etc.